According to recent studies, people who live in urban areas have never been as fascinated by nature as they are today. They consider it extremely important to care for our natural environment but find it increasingly difficult to actually experience it. They need more green in their lives, both in and out of the city.

And, they’re right. The evidence is harder and harder to deny: Nature not only makes us happy, it also does wonders for mental and physical health, or for our resilience. A noticeable reduction in stress levels and blood pressure as well as an easing of feelings of anxiety are just a few of its many benefits.

That is why Slow Cabins has purposefully chosen unique locations close to the city with the ultimate nature ambience and a panoramic view. Our autonomous eco-design cabins stand alone in secluded, unspoilt nature, just a stone’s throw from a variety of cycling and walking routes.

In addition to a total nature ambience, a short stay in a Slow Cabin also gives you a unique perspective on energy and water consumption. A solar battery can only store so much energy; it is limited by the hours of sunlight and the battery capacity, just like the water reservoir, which is limited by its dimensions and the litres of rainwater that fall.

You learn first-hand the impact of a long, warm shower on your reserves, and you become very conscious of the consequences of your choices. An awareness that guests take back home with them when they are standing under the shower there.

Just like the rest of the world, Slow Cabins are dependent on nature. Stemming from our vision to do things differently and better, Slow Cabins actively reinvests in rebuilding and conserving the local nature.  So, for every reservation booked, a tree is planted, and annual investments are made in a local nature conservation project by way of the Impact Fund.

In this way, Slow Cabins, together with its guests, brings about net green added value, where more guests also mean more nature instead of the other way around.