Frequently Asked Questions


Self-sufficient accommodations are unique. Our cabins offer you comfort and sustainability, a perfect combination to reconnect to the essential elements of life, without having to pitch a tent in a field. It’s an opportunity to relax and appreciate the slower rhythm of nature.

Our Slow Cabins are fully autarkic with smart off the grid technologies (energy, water, sanitary). When you arrive, you’ll have a fully charged battery, as well as a full tank of filtered rainwater. This allows you to live self-sufficiently and with minimal impact for several days (even during the colder months of the year).

Each of our cabins comes equipped with a smart display that shares your energy and water use with you. By actively seeing your energy usage throughout your stay you become aware of your impact on the environment and what a positive and ecological footprint might look like.

With Slow Cabins, comfortable off the grid accommodations are no longer a daydream, but reality.


Our Slow Cabins are insulated with natural and sustainable materials. On top of that, each of our cabins comes furnished with a highly efficient wood-burning stove which heats up your tiny house in no time.


At the moment, we have several Slow Cabins spread across secret locations in Belgium, and we’re planning several more, as well as an expansion across Europe and overseas. If you know of or own any beautiful sites for a Slow Cabin or interested to join our international franchising community, then please get in touch with us at

Activities & Surroundings

Your booking comes with inside tips on what you can do in the surrounding area, as well as fun local activities & must-sees for any age. If you’d like, we can arrange bike rentals, spa treatment appointments, etc. Just let us know in the application form.


Our ‘Time for Family’ Slow Cabin option is set up to make sure you and your kids have a wonderful experience. We can supply each of our cabins with child-friendly accessories (baby bed, etc.). Make sure to let us know in the application form if you’ll be needing child-friendly accessories in your cabin.

Please keep in mind that each of our Slow Cabins are relatively small houses (<40m²) with limited storage. We believe that we can offer you the most out of your stay if you only bring the stuff you truly need. Why not leave a few electronic devices at home, bring a book, and enjoy each other’s company and the simplicity of nature.


Your safety is our highest concern. Our cabins are hidden away from the humdrum of city life, but still at a secure distance from emergency services. You’ll find the contact info for the local emergency services at each of our cabins. We also inform the local authorities of your stay. Each cabin comes standard equipped with First-Aid kit, and a fire extinguisher should the need arise.

We do advise you to bring suitable outdoor wear.


Slow Cabins does expect you to show respect for the beautiful environment you’ll be staying in—both our cabins and nature. Should any problems arise, we’ll be forced to take appropriate measures.


We work with an online booking system, this way we can make sure our guests have an easy and safe way to book their stay. If you do prefer an alternative method of booking, then get in touch with, and we’ll send you the details.


We do not offer a refund should you have to cancel. We will however do our best to find a new date at which you can stay with us. We do understand that all sorts of things can get in the way of your plans, so we advise you to take out a cancellation insurance.