Green investment

The Slow Cabins® trees for a greener tomorrow

Our self-sufficient Slow Cabins® have a minimal impact on nature and use clean, autonomous techniques for a circular design. However, more is needed to succeed in our green mission.

Therefore we plant a tree for every booking in collaboration with our local partners. Trees limit the rising CO2 levels, protect against erosion, provide shade and nutrition for wildlife and help us combat periods of flooding and extreme draught. In 2018, we planted 150 trees for the ‘Bos voor Iedereen’ campaign from Natuurpunt. You can find more information at

Last year, we planted 50 trees together with Kempens Landschap.

By planting more trees, future generations can continue to enjoy the diverse ecosystem of planet earth. Let’s keep building the green world of tomorrow.

Read more about our vision on nature and experiences in nature on our concept page