Slow Cabins® is Xavier Leclair’s answer to several important societal trends, such as changes in consumer behaviour, ecological lifestyle, new vacationing habits and our handling of technology. Habits that COVID-19 has seriously shaken up.

For many years now, he has been fascinated by innovative and circular business models, lean start-up management and impact-driven entrepreneurship. After completely immersing himself in the world of eco concepts , the experience economy and the slow movement, in the past few years, he made the leap to a purpose-driven ‘start-up’ environment in 2017.

With now 10 cabins, Slow Cabins® aims to have a broader impact on the eco-social as opposed to strictly the financial.

“ Maybe our society needs 'Slowify' more urgently than Spotify. Nature, time and attention to one another have become the most precious commodities in our fast-paced society. ”

— Xavier Leclair

In coming years, Slow Cabins® wants to continue to strengthen its role as a European pioneer in off-grid innovations and slow travel. The company will therefore continue too expand the number of Belgian and European Slow destinations and Slow concepts.