Slow Travel is an alternative way to travel – one that revolves around slowing down and making spontaneous discoveries. Immersing yourself completely in one destination closer to home instead of running through a checklist of highlights far from home. You consciously choose to have new, qualitative experiences as opposed to quantitative consumption.

That is the essence of Slow Travel. A cultural shift that centres on slowing down and eliminating the stress of the rush. A movement that surpasses the traditional tourism offerings and invites you to focus on the connection with one another, with the natural environment and with the local culture. A movement that invites you to unwind by opening yourself up to a new perspective by way of unique experiences where the pursuit of mass tourism attractions takes a back seat to authenticity, quiet and natural beauty.

‘Slow Travel’ is based on the idea that all the benefits you experience while travelling can also have a positive impact on the local population and its surroundings. So, Slow Cabins® not only places its cabins in a wide range of authentic, hidden natural landscapes that are no more than two hours drive from the major large urban centres in the Benelux (today, Europe tomorrow). It also integrates as many local partners as possible in its concept and actively reinvests its profits in local nature (re)building projects.

In a nutshell, Slow Cabins® is helping to build flourishing Slow Destinations. Unknown places where guests can slow down and experience secluded, hidden nature with respect for its inhabitants and for the place itself.


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