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    Time For Family

    Why not spend quality time with our family out in nature. Our Time for Family package offers 39m² of cosy space for you and your loved ones. Our cabin has two separate bedrooms with large windows, double beds fitted with ultra-soft 100% natural latex mattresses and eco-textiles. At the centre of our design we have a small, but cleverly designed, kitchen with a gas stove, range hood, mini-fridge, and sink. The bedrooms are separated from the central area by wooden sliding doors, giving you the time and peace to enjoy a glass of wine in front of the wood-burning stove, while the kids are tucked away in bed. Interested in cooking outside? Each of our cabins has a ceramic closed BBQ. Looking for something a bit wilder? Start an old-fashioned campfire around the firepit. Enjoy your time unplanned, together in unspoiled nature * Minimum duur: 2 nachten * Locatie: bekendmaking 2 weken voor afreis (meer info op aanvraag) * Prijzen (p/n): week (185 EUR), weekend (245 EUR), vakantie (255 EUR) * Detox promo (3 nachten): 100 EUR korting (visible at checkout) * Midweek promo (4 nachten): 150 EUR korting (visible at checkout)
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    Time For Focus

    Why not try something different and hold your meetings or team-building out in nature. With our ‘Time for Focus’ package we’ve set out to create a mobile meeting room, close to the office, but still far enough away. We guarantee you’ll have more focus and creativity, but most of all, away from the humdrum of city life, you’ll have the opportunity to connect in a different way to your colleagues, employees, and clients. Feel free to contact us for inspiring activities or out of the box team building exercises around leadership, innovation, and circular thinking. (Prices/person, available from three persons). Coffee, tea, and spring water will be provided. [contact-form-7 id="26084" title="Time For Focus EN"]
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    Time For Two

    Unwind and reconnect with each other in nature At 34m², our cabin has room for two to three people. Sustainability matters to us; it is built with ecologically-friendly materials that carry a low impact on the environment. Each cabin is self-sufficient through the use of solar panels and a filtered rainwater system. The kitchen is outfitted with two cooking plates, a sink, as well as a mini-fridge, and enough prep area. The bathroom is equipped with a shower, a washing bassinet, and an ecological-friendly dry toilet. As for your sleeping needs, you’ll have a double bed fitted with a 100% natural latex mattress and eco-textiles. But, what we truly love, and we hope you will too, is the view outside. Our cabins have large windows, as well as excellent insulation, so you can enjoy the environment from the comfort of your cabin. On warmer days you can build a fire outside or cook on the closed, ceramic BBQ. On colder days you can fire up the wood-burning stove. Trust us when we say there’s nothing like a roaring fire to truly unwind. *Minimum stay: 2 Nights * Location: we’ll share the location of your secret hideaway 2 weeks before you’re set to arrive (more info on request) * Prices (p/n): week (175 EUR), weekend (225 EUR), holiday period (235 EUR) *Detox promo (3 nights):  100 EUR discount(discount applied at check-out) * Midweek promo (4 nights): 150 EUR discount(discount applied at check-out)