November 16, 2020

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Mystery Location || Benelux

Close your eyes. Picture a fairytale forest in the Belgian countryside, with large branches hanging overhead as you walk along a sun-dappled path. At the end of your journey is a minimalist cabin, hidden away from the rest of the world, perfect for two people.

Inspired by the Italian Slow Movement, Slow Cabins were created by Xavier Leclair for city-dwellers to unplug from an increasingly digital world. After booking, you will be kept completely in the dark until two weeks before your escape. At this point, you’ll then be sent an email with directions to your cabin, along with a set of instructions.

Upon arriving, all you will receive is a battery (charged by autonomous energy generation), a circular shower, a water reservoir and a full experience in line with the slow living mindset. Now, all that’s left for you to do is relax!

Every aspect of your Slow Cabin has been thoughtfully designed to minimise your ecological footprint. Cabins are powered by rooftop solar arrays, with dry-designed toilets, and filtered rainwater, while a wood-burning stove fills the space with warmth and light. The unique smart display system also shows you how much energy and water you’re consuming, allowing you to keep track of your impact on the environment. It’s the perfect way to get away from the daily grind, and reconnect with the world around you.

Slow Cabins will be expanding their off-the-grid concept across Europe and other targeted regions.

Options are also available for families looking to escape for the holidays.

Relax. Refresh. Recharge.

The Eco Cabins Inspired by the Slow Movement
Interior - Slow Cabins
The Eco Cabins Inspired by the Slow Movement
Slow Cabins
Slow Cabins
The Eco Cabins Inspired by the Slow Movement
Solar Panels - Slow Cabins

Images ©SlowCabins

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