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Slow Working

Distraction free workcations at off-grid cabins designed to help you get inspired.

Consciously choose time away from daily work routine to invest in your professional wellbeing. Take stock, refocus and grow at Slow Cabins®.


HOW OUR brain solves problemS

Analytical thinking takes place when we’re actively participating in solving a problem, usually in the office. On the other hand insight is that lightbulb moment, often found in “flow state”, where we find clarity, direction and purpose – almost never in the office!

Taking time out in a Slow Cabin® away from distraction and surrounded by nature, allows ourselves to unearth those subtle subconscious connections and moments of inspiration we all need as part of our professional development.

Additionally, being surrounded by natural beauty can help shift one’s focus away from stressful thoughts and provide a sense of peace and tranquility.  Spending time in our Slow Cabin® in nature has a calming effect on the mind and body, helping to alleviate the physical and emotional symptoms of stress.

We help you find that lightbulb moment or mental clarity by providing specially curated packages to cater to your need.


Some characteristics of our slow working package

  • Your personal Slow Cabin hidden in nature.
  • Workation-focused cabin layout designed to inspire
  • 1x focus or clarity package which will guide you through a series of steps to improve different aspects of your working life
  • Digifree ‘slow’ work kit
  • Optional wifi
  • Complimentary local drinks and snack to boost energy and focus
  • Guaranteed peace, quiet and room to breathe

formules de Slow Working

Day package


Discover a new way to unwind with our day package, designed for a perfect 9am-5pm escape.

9:00u check-in

17:00u check-out

Overnight package


Indulge in a one-night stay and experience the slow working lifestyle with our curated package.

16:00u check-in

17:00u check-out

Two night stay


Extend your journey and fully immerse yourself in our slow travel experience with our 2-night package.

16:00u check-in

11:00u check-out

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