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Slow down at magical locations
in the great outdoors


Escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life in an off-grid cabin surrounded by nothing but silence, tranquility and endless nature.


Lack of time for your significant other

In the midst of life's whirlwind, the shortage of time can strain the connection with your significant other. Balancing careers, responsibilities, and personal pursuits often leaves little room for quality moments together.

Suffering from mental fatigue

Suffering from mental fatigue clouds thoughts, stemming from life's demands and continuous stimuli. The weariness creates a haze, making clarity elusive amidst the relentless pressures and activities.

Feeling stuck in the concrete jungle

Trapped within the city, the absence of natural landscapes and the constant hustle create a stifling sense of entrapment. Surrounded by towering buildings and ceaseless activity, the lack of serene spaces contributes to a feeling of suffocation and confinement.

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What our guests are saying

Heel ontspannend weekendje gehad in het Pajottenland. Duidelijke routebeschrijving en vlotte communicatie. Unieke locatie in het groen met veel privacy. Ideaal om de drukke stad even te ontvluchten, een aanrader!
Anke Pieters
As my second stay with Slow Cabins, its just gotten better! Another beautiful location, no matter the weather, it stays cosy, peaceful and really lets you slow down. Thanks slow cabins for another wonderful stay, I can’t wait for the next one!
Bronwyn Fisher
Een verfrissende ervaring in sync met de natuur. De cabin voelde meteen heel vertrouwd en huiselijk aan, we voelden ons welkom en hadden meteen zin om buiten met een vuurtje de aangeboden cider te kraken. Als gast merk je al snel op dat er over de essentials is nagedacht. Comfort bieden jullie door het design en oog voor detail en kwaliteit, maar toch slagen jullie er in om gasten op een subtiele wijze te herinneren aan het vertragen en bewust omgaan met de natuur rondom ons. De kleine tips en samenwerking met lokale handelaars vormen samen een heel geslaagd geheel. Wij blijven fan van het verrassende aspect en waren blij verrast met de locatie waar we uiteindelijk naartoe mochten! De kers op de taart waren een vijftal reetjes die ons in de vroege ochtend kwamen verblijden. Puur genieten.
Delphine De Clercq
Genieten van nietsdoen en zalige kampvuuravonden
Laura Florindo
Heerlijk weekend gehad in Sint Truiden; vertragen, tijd om te lezen, een dutje s’middags, koken op vuurschaal, kortom echt genoten!! Cabine was enorm goed uitgerust, heerlijk bed, goede kook voorzieningen, leuke decoratie - full comfort!!
Geraldine Masterson
“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” De perfecte get-away.


Get a glimpse of cabin life and discover how our precious guests spend their @slow_cabins time.

Get creative with us! 🎨🎻 Immersing yourself in nature boosts your creativity – an effect you’ll start to feel after just 12 hours! If you’re a writer, musician, architect, entrepreneur, an artist or someone who just needs to look at things from a new perspective, get those juices flowing. Bring your guitar, your diary, laptop, art supplies or whatever else you’d be needing and find yourself channeling the power of nature and the inspiration it offers.⁠

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"Really enjoyed two nights of rest. No screens, no distractions. Finally time for that book, cooking on an open fire, wine, board games and good conversations. Highly recommended if you really want to be together in the middle of nowhere." Thank you to one of our guests for these kind words. ❤️⁠

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Time to put your work aside, turn on some music and slow cook at your pace. What’s your favorite meal when it’s so warm outside? 🍝🥗

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Let's bring the sun inside ☀️⁠
Our cabins come with big windows to fully enjoy spring to its maximum. Thanks to the big sliding door it feels like you're living in a real-life nature painting. 🎨🍃⁠

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This Valentine's Day, forget the roses and boxes of chocolates. Focus on what matters instead: quality time with each other.⁠

There’s nothing more romantic than a weekend full of breathtaking starry nights, cozy campfires and discovering new landscapes. Just enjoying each other's company in the great outdoors with no one else but each other. ⁠

Surprise your favorite person in the world with a personalized voucher and enjoy a memorable getaway you will cherish for a lifetime.

207 2

"A unique back-to-basics concept but with just enough luxury to escape real life for a few days. It makes a person think about life and realize that we can actually be just as happy with much less." ⁠

📷 @dylancalluy⁠

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There’s something soothing and tranquil about nature being in standstill in winter that makes it the perfect time to go outdoors.⁠

Book your winter getaway now to witness nature’s majesty firsthand.

📷 @dylancalluy

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The best gifts are the ones you can't wrap, but meaningful experiences to enjoy with each other and heartwarming memories to keep forever.⁠ ...

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This holiday, surprise your loved ones with a well-deserved break in nature and we'll treat you right back!⁠

When you give €250 or more, we'll give you €50 to enjoy on your next escape. ⁠

Our invitation for you to enjoy a time off too, because taking care of yourself is just as important, especially during these times.⁠

📷 @dylancalluy⁠

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We invite you to trade your screens for a landscape of greens. Leave all the distractions and notifications behind, even just for a little while. ...

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Heartwarming conversations by the fire and the beauty of undisturbed moments — just for the two of you to enjoy. ...

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Today marks #dagvandestilte. As the clock turned back an hour, it offers us the perfect moment to slow down, enjoy a moment of stillness, and honor the value of silence in our everyday lives. ⁠

In celebration of the occasion, we put together a few tips on how to carve valuable moments of silence in our everyday lives. Head over to our journal in the link in bio to read on.⁠

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At Slow Cabins, we believe in disconnecting to reconnect with what's really important. That's why we teamed up with @stolp.official to hide your phone in plain sight. ⁠

Available on all our cabins, it automatically blocks all incoming pings, rings and notifications, so you can enjoy a true offline experience during your stay.

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One of the best views you could ever wake up to 🍃 ...

665 4

A cozy moment captured by @o2discover⁠⁠
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About a Slow Cabins stay

Why should I stay with Slow Cabins®?

Slow Cabins aims to create a positive impact on people and planet. We do this by organising slow experiences, raising off-grid awareness and regenerative nature building in Europe.

Slow Cabins are ecological cabins (30-40 m²) that are completely self-sufficient in terms of water and electricity. They are located in magical locations in the great outdoors, where you can slow down and disconnect from everyday stress.

The cabins are spread over several regions in Flanders and Ireland at a driving distance of less than two hours from major cities. Fourteen days before your stay, we will send you a brochure with the exact location of your stay.

How much is a stay at Slow Cabins?

You can find the prices on our booking platform. The exact price depends on the season, cabin, location and whether you want to stay in a holiday period, week or weekend. Our prices range between 195 and 295 euros per night for a two-night stay.

Making a Slow Cabins experience happen in the middle of nature is not an easy task. Our professional cleaning team is available every day to prepare the most remote cabins for a magical stay in all weather conditions.

Slow Cabins are completely self-sufficient. That means your hot water, electricity and heating comes 100% from nature. The ten high-tech solar panels generate energy that is stored in the latest home batteries. You will have enough electricity during your stay with normal consumption.

In addition, each cabin has a water tank that can hold 1,500 litres of rainwater. That water is then filtered through three filters so you can shower and cook safely. Afterwards, a natural helophyte bed ensures that the waste water can be returned to the ground clean and safe. This keeps the impact on nature to a bare minimum.

We also provide everything you need and nothing you don’t. This way you can enjoy an unforgettable stay, close to yourself and nature.

How many people can stay in a Slow Cabin?

Slow Cabins are designed for comfortable stays for two people, equipped with a queen-size bed (160×200). Baby cots are available on request in some regions.

Would you like to book a unique experience with some friends or family? Some of our cabins are located relatively close to one another. Contact us for more information.

Can I bring my pet?

In each region, we have a couple of cabins where pets are allowed. Make sure to select that you are bringing your pet when booking your stay.

For hygienic reasons and possible allergies of guests, we also have specific cabins where pets are not allowed so that everyone can safely enjoy a Slow Cabins stay.

When and how long can I stay in a Slow Cabin?

We offer stays from two to four nights during the week, and weekends are Friday to Monday (3 nights). We believe this is the minimum to fully unwind and get away from the craziness of everyday life. Check-in is possible from 4pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

To prepare the cabin for your next stay, we ask you to check out by 11am at the latest. You can opt for a late check-out (1pm on weekdays) when booking.

If availability allows, it is possible to deviate from the above schedule. Feel free to contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

Should I bring my own meals?

In the brochure, which you will receive fourteen days before your arrival, you will find a list of local (sustainable) partners where you can go for shopping, buying meals or going out to restaurants.

In some cases, it is possible to book a breakfast for your stay that will be delivered directly to the cabin.

Due to the logistical complexity of Slow Cabins, it is not yet possible to book hot meals today. In the cabin you will find all basic ingredients and kitchen utensils to prepare a tasty meal. There is also a wood barbecue outside.

It is entirely up to you whether you bring your own food, buy something locally in the local shops or go out for a meal in the neighbourhood.

Can I have a campfire or barbecue during my stay at Slow Cabins?

Of course! Thanks to the fire bowl with grill, you can enjoy a crackling campfire or a delicious barbecue at any time.

Do you have more questions?

Check out our answers to the most frequently asked questions on our FAQ page.

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