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Share unique locations with Slow Cabins® and / or become a cabin Host

Slow Cabins® wants to create a positive impact on people and nature through unique experiences in hidden nature close to home, with a focus on awareness raising and local nature development.
Different, slower and better. This starts with the right unique locations.

Our Slow Cabins® are mobile, off-the-grid and have a minimal impact on the environment due to their innovative eco design. They are hidden in non-vulnerable plots in nature and invite to fully recenter, away from all the hustle and bustle.

Do you share our passion for nature conservation, sustainability and unique cabin experiences? Do you want to be part of our community and growing network of Slow Destinations? Together we help you with a low-dynamic tourist broadening and qualitative diversification of your land or domain. As a Cabin Host you also stimulate sustainable entrepreneurship and slow travel in and to your region and you increase the involvement of city dwellers with agriculture and nature.

Read more about Slow Cabins’® mission and vision on our concept page

Who and what we are looking for

People who share our vision and passion and have unique locations or land:

  • less than 2 hours travel distance from the major cities in the Benelux
  • that guarantee privacy, light and tranquility.
  • that radiate a strong sense of nature without (visual / sound) pollution nor vulnerable nature.
  • with good accessibility for our technical team.

How will we create impact together?

We believe that strong partnerships start from a shared vision, mutual trust and an ambitious long-term win-win horizon. We start small but build big. We relieve our Hosts as much as possible (permitting; installation; maintenance; rental; etc.) but involve them locally where possible.

Does this sound like music to your ears? Fill in the form below and we will be more than happy to provide you with more information about the various cooperation options.




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