Boek jouw natuurbeleving

This rural region with rolling hills, meadows, winding rivers and picturesque villages offers the ideal environment to relax. The extensive forests and flower fields also form the dream landscape for walkers, cyclists and anyone who likes to be outdoors. Moreover, it is the region where artists such as Pieter Bruegel the Elder found their inspiration. There are numerous historic buildings, castles and churches that bear witness to a rich history.


1 other cabin nearby


Breakfast options with local partners


No pets allowed


2-4 guests (2 guests per cabin)


Queen sized bed

Wake up with the rising sun, read a good book or enjoy a delicious breakfast in bed.

Wood stove

Cosy up by the fire while day dreaming and listening to the sounds of nature outside.

Fully equipped kitchen

Prepare your favorite meal, hot drink or aperitif and sit together at the table.

Fit Pit

Start or end the day with a crackling fire in the fresh air and enjoy a delicious barbecue.


Use the ecological dry toilet and hot shower in the fully equipped bathroom.

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Start your day with a slow morning and a tasteful experience. Hilde and Hans from HIHA bring you a breakfast basket full of delicious and local products. From freshly baked bread to artisanal cheeses and seasonal fruit. An extensive cheese board, wine and cava are also an option in the range.


☕ Breakfast basket for 1 day
🥐 Breakfast basket for 2 days
🥪 Vegetarian breakfast basket for 1 day
🥗 Vegetarian breakfast basket for 2 days


Exactly two weeks before your stay you will receive a brochure with all the information about how you can order your breakfast and cheese board.

Cabin in the fields
+/- 40 km from Brussels, 45 km from Ghent

The Pajottenland exudes charm and character. Your cabin is located in the first officially recognized quiet area in Flanders. This means that only the fauna and flora are audible. Here you can walk and cycle between the Mark and Dender valleys, visit the Congoberg and enjoy the cycling city of Geraardsbergen. Artists such as Pieter Bruegel the Elder found their inspiration among the hills and meadows of the Pajottenland. Numerous historic buildings, castles and churches also bear witness to a rich history.

Slow Cook in the middle of nature on an open fire

Let yourself be carried away by the simplicity and authenticity of Slow Cooking. Experience the magic of slow cooking food and the intense flavors that come with it. The fire pit at your cabin offers the perfect setting to prepare your favorite dish in a different way. Enjoy each other’s company and discover how the elements of fire and food merge into a culinary experience.

Slow Cabins believes in the power of local and seasonal food. Enrich your stay with a visit to one of the nearby farms or local markets to collect fresh and quality ingredients. A delicious piece of meat, grilled vegetables or even pancakes and bread, Slow Cooking brings an unparalleled taste experience to your plate.


It’s in the little things

There’s nothing better than getting carried away with a good book or a fun and nostalgic board game. In the cabin you will find books, games and interactive card sets full of interesting and thought-provoking questions. Picture this; you have just returned from a fresh walk, you take your shoes off and snuggle up in the bed or bask in the sun in the grass. Time to relax and enjoy the little things. Are you a writer? Artist? Photographer? Musician? In and around the cabin you will find endless inspiration. Let your creativity flow and above all: enjoy the slow life.

Get lost in a starry sky

End your day at a campfire under 1001 stars. Your cabin is located in nature, where you will find the most impressive starry skies. Upon arrival you will receive a stack of firewood, a welcome drink and a snack for a wonderful evening of stargazing. Look for the Big Dipper, shooting stars, satellites and who knows, maybe even the Milky Way will become visible…


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