Beauty, simplicity, nature, peace and quiet, and privacy are the foundations of the Slow Cabins® off-grid experience. Thanks to the circular and unique panoramic eco design of the cabins, couples, families or business people are immersed in the connection with their surroundings and with each other.

With its circular, off-grid eco design, Slow Cabins® has made a conscious choice for minimal ecological impact. In both its product and its process design. This commitment begins as early as the design phase by choosing the right materials and techniques and by minimising the waste stream. In order to achieve this, we work together with local businesses and craftspeople who share our passion for high-quality products and our love of nature.

Several of our green technology solutions for minimal ecological impact include:

  • 100% sustainable wood
  • Local production
  • Circular shower
  • Autonomous battery storage
  • Solar panels
  • Dry toilet
  • Collected and purified rainwater
  • Screw pile foundations

Our cabins are completely off-grid, without any connection to the electricity or water mains, which means that we have also excluded Wi-Fi and other distractions. In other words, living at the pace of nature and in function of her elements.

Not anti-technology, just pro-digital minimalism. The use of innovative green technology as an ally to support us in doing things differently instead of enduring the stress of being online and available 24/7.

For an optimal sense of well-being, Slow Cabins® incorporated emotional minimalism as we know it from Scandinavia and Japan. Warm, calming materials, large panoramic windows and a limited number of objects in the cabin.

In our minimalistic houses in nature , city dwellers find mental peace by design and warm up next to a cosy, high-efficiency wood-burning stove.

Slow Cabins® has consciously chosen different, better and more sustainable materials in order to minimise the negative impact on people, the environment and our surroundings.


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